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Avoiding a Failed ERP Implementation – Top Tips for Setting the Timeline Right

Implementing an ERP system is one of the most important decisions an organization will ever make. And when you eventually take the plunge, you will expect the ERP system to act as a magic wand. From assuming the ERP system will solve your organizational mess, to envisioning an instant ROI, there will  countless unreasonable expectations. […]

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Project Management Services Keeps Your Implementation from Going Off the Rails

You have received your new proposal from your partner for a Dynamics AX Implementation and are reviewing the services section looking for ways to trim cost. At last your eyes land on the item you were looking for and that you are anxious to hack away at like a bad hangnail – Project Management Services.  You as […]

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Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation Best Practices from Convergence 2014

This year, Microsoft Dynamics Convergence was mind blowing and super energetic, proposing strong topics, interesting interactive activities, and impressive networking possibilities. During the conference, Microsoft has focused on Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation methodology, which is considered a key element in determining the success or failure of this software solution. In a nutshell, AX implementation methodology […]

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5 Reasons You Should Think Twice About Self-Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta)

When you make an investment in something as large as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, the sticker shock can sometimes make you lose sight of why you were investing in the first place.  After making the investment in Microsoft Dynamics AX some companies contemplate different ways to ‘save’ and consider doing the implementation themselves.  […]

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