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Power BI Quick Tip: Export of Data

Power BI might be one of the most useful tools for users who need to visualize and analyze data for business. It has never been easier to create reports by uploading information from multiple sources. And now, users have the ability to export the gathered data behind the Power BI online visualizations. This enhancement will allow […]

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Data Discovery—Marketing Hype or Real Deal?

Is data discovery something real and distinct from business intelligence or is it just another marketing term aimed at attracting people who haven’t shown interest to date? It’s real.  Oracle calls data discovery “an ongoing dialog with the data” that “happens in the moment at the hands of the data analyst.” Data discovery allows those […]

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The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask About When Asking About Business Intelligence for Your ERP System

Business Intelligence (BI) and big data are currently the hot topics within the ERP software space. But do you really know what Business Intelligence  entails? And which questions to ask? Here are 5 questions that companies should ask themselves before jumping into their own BI practice. What really is Business Intelligence? Business intelligence is access […]

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Five Benefits of Management Reporter in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Management Reporter is the best way to easily create and access reports with data directly from Microsoft Dynamics GP. Popular reports include profit and loss, balance sheets, budget v. actual, over and under budget reports, variance reports and cash flow statements. Some of our favorite traits of MR include: Accurate, board-quality reports are sent directly to […]

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Dynamics GP 2013 New Features – Drill Down Builder

The release of Drill Down Builder in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is an example of Microsoft’s commitment to build upon the strong connection between Dynamics GP and its office products. Watch this 4-minute video for a demonstration on how to use the Drill Down Builder in Dynamics GP 2013.

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