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Understanding Drop Shipping

A recent article by SalesPad discussed the topic of drop shipping. We found the article useful. Here are some of the main points. With the rise of eCommerce, and more and more consumers choosing to buy online, businesses can sell items without actually physically stocking any of that inventory. That’s where drop shipping comes in. […]

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Drop shipping: Is your brand ready?

Today, more consumers are making online purchases than ever before.  More than 79 percent are shopping online and 51 percent use a mobile phone to buy online. If you’re slow to adjust to the new retail landscape, your business will feel the impact. So, what is a brand to do? Drop shipping can be an excellent […]

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Drop Shipping and the Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer – A Sales Tax Nightmare

Most would agree that the administration of drop shipments is currently one of the most challenging sales tax scenarios to deal with.  Not only does drop shipping affect the manufacturer, but it can also have an adverse effect on wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and even end users.  To fully understand the taxation of a drop shipment, […]

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Drop Shipping Made Easy With Dynamics GP 2010

Who says you need to procure inventory and stock it all in your own warehouse or 3PL?  Why incur the carrying cost?  Why pay all those warehouse workers to drive around on their forklifts?  Why invest in a complicated Warehouse Management System (WMS) to track picking routes, movements, etc.? Why can’t it be easier?  Why… […]

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