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Manage and Track Documents with a Paperless Solution: MetaDocs

  Keeping records is an important part of business, companies can store, PO's, invoices, shipping documents, quality documents, agreements, and more. Managing and sharing them, especially among employees working remotely, can be a time-consuming process involving lots of paper. Paper-based records also are cumbersome to back up, making them more prone to lose in fires […]

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How to manage all your documents efficiently as a growing company

When a company is growing, it will initially hire more people in the front end to sell its products, as well as more people for the back office to process all the requests, documents and to make sure that the company can deliver the products or services to the customer. But while a company is […]

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Boost Efficiency with AP Automation

Managing businesses with multiple locations can be difficult. In order for a multi-entity business to run efficiently, streamlining the Accounts Payable (AP) process is a necessity. For operations to run smoothly, finance professionals must be able to process all invoices and payments from one centralized location that syncs with existing accounting systems and processes. By working with […]

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Document Management vs. AP Automation – What’s the Difference?

Hey, Document Management and AP Automation are not the same thing. Document Management’s primary goal is to create and save a document that used to be paper, digitize it, and put it into a database where that document can be searched for and retrieved. AP Automation’s primary goal is to replace manual steps in a […]

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Three Ways to Make the Most of Your ERP Investment

In a recent study of 192 companies with annual revenue ranging from below $25 million to more than $2 billion, conducted by Panorama Consulting, The 2014 ERP Report, 66 percent reported that they had failed to realize more than half of the expected benefits from their ERP project.   That’s a whole lot of wasted potential. ERP systems can […]

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