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6 Reasons Distributors Should Use Inventory Management in Dynamics GP

Inventory control is vital to the survival of a distribution company business. If you don’t have a good inventory management system you can never truly account for how your business is doing. Here are six ways Microsoft Dynamics GP can help: Dynamics GP can track lot numbers and serial numbers of the products in your […]

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The Importance of Demand Management in the Semiconductor Industry

In the semiconductor industry, there’s a lot that happens between when a product is being built and when the end customer receives the product. And very often, that end customer is not the “customer” listed on the sales order. Sales may be through distributors - either a sell-to or sell-through model - or through a […]

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Demand Management for Distributors: What’s It Good For?

Many tech product companies sell through distributors. Because of this, their value chain may stretch from finished product, to distributor, to electronic equipment manufacturer, to an appliance or product customer, and then to the final customer. If this sounds like your company, you know that you can’t afford to miss out on the demand signals […]

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5 Key Order Management System Requirements for Companies Who Sell Through Distributors

Companies who sell to - or through – distributors or extended value chains have unique order management needs. Their business model impacts the specific types of information that they need to collect, the business processes required to support their sales execution, and the leveraging of all this information for forecasting and demand analysis. Tensoft has […]

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Rethink Cost Cutting By Deploying An ERP Solution

Many businesses have learned to do more with less after the last recession, especially manufacturers and distributors.  Thinning profit margins put the pressure on many decisions including inventory and procurement strategies, shipping and logistics, and labor productivity.  Instead of second-guessing spending, rethink cost-cutting by deploying a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. When using multiple […]

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