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You Could Be Losing Money by Not Going Paperless!

There are a lot of people who don't like change. In a business sense, this can be a scary, unknown development, so a number of owners try to avoid change like the plague. After all, why alter a good thing?  If the company is doing well and chugging along, leaders might not want to mess with […]

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Document Management Software Can Reduce Costs

  Going paperless can save your office thousands!     Across several industries, a variety of companies are automating a variety of methods and moving paper records on-line. The advantages are immense - by finishing processes like invoicing, accounts receivable, or payable tasks and various other functions, companies will eliminate the requirement for filing cabinets, […]

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Governments Going Paperless

There have been multiple reports recently of local governments turning to document management software in order to place files of all kinds on computers. If you work in an office that still records client, internal, financial and industry information on paper, chances are you have to sift through a whole slew of different files each day. Consider […]

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News: Electronic Invoicing Could Help the European Union Control Finances

A number of professionals have acknowledged that some of the financial woes of the EU could be solved if the group would embrace electronic invoicing. The Great Recession threw many people for a loop for a number of years across the globe. While some individuals might think that the only institutions that were affected were American […]

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Paperless Airline Highlights Digital Popularity

Recently, Delta Airlines made the switch to paperless software, and now other corporations are following suit and reaping the rewards. This is a great example of how document management software can be used by nearly any business and personalized to work for anyone. When any new technology comes to an industry, there's generally a time […]

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Leaders Need to Plan Ahead of Time to Go Paperless

The decision to adopt document management software and go paperless is something that shouldn't be an off-the-cuff choice. A considerable amount of time and planning needs to go into thinking about digitizing, and administrators need to ask whether this is the best option for their business. Luckily, however, the answer to this question is almost always […]

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Do Not Ever Miss Backing Up Your Files

To so many business leaders, embracing document management software seems like old hat at this point. A number of entrepreneurs jumped into this technology whole heartedly when it first came out and still enjoy the numerous benefits the service offers today, while some others took a little more time to be convinced. No matter when they leveraged […]

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Consumers are Flying in Lighter Airplanes with Paperless Electronic Workflow Software

If paperless systems can be put to use in any industry that seems like it would benefit from customers and workers carrying various paper records, why wouldn't this same tactic be beneficial in a traditional office? It doesn't matter what domain you're in or the size of your company - any business can avail benefits […]

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