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Demand forecasting: Find out how to do it the right way

What is demand forecasting? Demand forecasting is the scientific and analytical estimation of the demand for a product or service in a particular period of time. It is an art or science of predicting or estimating the future demand for a product, undertaken for the purpose of long-term decision-making and planning. Demand forecasting is very […]

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Success for ERP and data analytics in the food industry

  7 success scenarios for ERP and data analytics in the food industry In the food industry, volatile supply chain conditions, quickly perishable goods, elevated safety standards, and intense competition can make it challenging to run a profitable business. By using proven, powerful technology, you can greatly reduce the complexity, risk, and uncertainty of food […]

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Demand Planning FAQ from Food Production Companies

Making customers happy with accurate, evidence-based demand planning When you want to make sure that you can deliver the right food product when consumers want it, you try to align distribution, production, procurement, and all other processes with that goal. Modern, powerful ERP and analytics can help you take the uncertainty out of demand planning […]

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The Yin and the Yang of the Microsoft Dynamics Community

“The Distribution Software Blog as your source for all things related to Distribution.” The Distribution Software Blog and ERP Software Blog work “hand in glove” with each other as two great sources for information related to the Microsoft Dynamics Community.  These two blogs represent the Yin and the Yang of information for all things regarding […]

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