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DCAA Compliant ERP: Microsoft Dynamics SL

 Many project-centric companies provide services that the federal government contracts on behalf of its many agencies. Pursuing a government contract can be lucrative for a business, but unless you’re prepared it can also present numerous headaches as you try to comply with regulations and prepare for audits. Even state level contracts are becoming more complex […]

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Infographic: 4 Keys to Success in the Federal Market

Are you currently in the federal market or aspiring to be? There are four basic keys to success for government contractors working in the federal market under DCAA or another government entity. They have to do with the Rules, Tools, Controls, and Schools necessary to remain compliant with federal regulations in both one's accounting system […]

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Microsoft Dynamics SL Helps Government Contractors Stay Compliant

Government contractors are faced with accounting rules and regulations that those in the commercial sector rarely (if ever) have to worry about. Doing business with the government means that you must adhere to complex governance and compliance rules. Government contractors must collect and retain detailed information to comply with audits by agencies such as the DCAA […]

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Dynamics SL Well Suited for Government Contractors’ Unique Accounting Needs

Doing business with the government creates great opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, the Federal government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world. But governments are answerable to their stakeholders – the citizens. This creates a myriad of rules, regulations, governance, and compliance. Government contracting means facing DCAA audits and […]

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