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Customization Options for Dynamics GP: Data Integrations

This is part 3 of 3 of a series of posts in which we examine the basic customization options for Dynamics GP.  In part 1 we analyzed add-on products as the first option to better adapt your ERP to your needs.  In part 2 we focused on programming tools for Dynamics. There are situations, however, […]

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Integrating Information Systems to Your ERP: Advantage Dynamics GP

This is the scenario: Your company wants to install an ERP system to make processes more efficient.  You have one or several specialized systems running operations that are critical to your business, but these systems cannot be replaced by the ERP because they are very unique to your company or your industry.  Often these systems […]

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3 Ways To Import Data Into Microsoft Dynamics GP – Integration Manager, eConnect & Web Services

A powerful capability of Microsoft Dynamics GP is the ability to integrate data from other sources into GP.   Microsoft offers a couple technology solutions; some ISVs have leveraged those to provide tools with more sophisticated front-ends.   Microsoft tools for importing data into GP include: the Integration Manager, eConnect, and Web Services.  The Integration Manager (IM) […]

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