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Financial Consolidations with D365 Finance and Operations

It seems like every enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor aims to provide its own financial consolidation software. However, many customers have been disappointed. So why is it so hard for an ERP vendor to deliver the necessary financial consolidation functionality inside the ERP system itself? Here are some reasons why financial consolidation ERPs have its limitations: […]

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How to Innovate Your Reporting & Analysis Part 1

Imagine how difficult reading a book with the chapters out of order would be.  Setting up your business intelligence (BI) solution with folders sometimes referred to as “storyboards,” can help you avoid that and can organize reports and dashboards into a structured analysis. Putting time and thought into the order and content in your analysis […]

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Dashboards for Microsoft Dynamics AX Customers

Dashboards are everywhere – and for good reason.  In this article, we’ll discuss the #1 tool in the Business Intelligence realm for Microsoft Dynamics AX customers.     If you’ve read my blog articles, you know I’ve written about dashboards before – and this probably won’t be the last time.  There was a recent study on […]

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Dashboard Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This is probably not news to you at this point: dashboards are the most sought after Business Intelligence (BI) solution on the market today.  Gartner’s Financial Executive International CFO Technology study in 2013 pointed out that dashboards, scorecards, and performance management solutions are the most important BI investment for CFOs.  The business world of today […]

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Dashboard Options for Microsoft Dynamics

At this point, it might go without saying that Dashboards are the big deal of the Business Intelligence (BI) world these days.  Moreover, dashboards are the the top BI software solution for CFOs today.  I hear it all the time in various conversations with BI customers from the corporate world.  One man in particular expressed […]

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For Your Consideration: Dynamic GP Dashboards

Gartner’s 2013 Financial Executive International CFO Technology Study discovered that CFOs’ primary business intelligence (BI) tool of choice is Performance Measurement, Scorecards, and Dashboards, which is not surprising.  In the fast lane of business today, corporate performance management is more accessible when employing graphical scorecards or dashboards to evaluate company successes and failures.  Dashboards are […]

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