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Why Integrated ERP and CRM Systems Are Key to SMB Growth

By now, you’re probably familiar with the concept of ERP and CRM systems and what they can do for your business. But, did you know, that’s only half the story? If you’re using ERP and CRM systems that are separate from one another to run your business, you are making your job much more difficult […]

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If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to transform your business technologically, guess what?   Today is the day!   As a result of the newly passed tax reform bill, businesses of any size--whether small or large--will have access to new deductions. Your business now has a completely unprecedented opportunity to update its tech infrastructure. […]

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The Benefits of Integrating your ERP Software

View our free webinars  Sign up for WebSan University Download our free Dynamics GP demo Apart from selecting the right ERP software, one of the key components to identify before purchasing is the ERP software’s integration with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and a Time and Expense system such as Moniroo. While a CRM system gives […]

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How to integrate Dynamics CRM with Dynamics NAV?

Do you ever wonder how Integration of Dynamics CRM 2015 with Dynamics NAV 2016 can allow you to access Microsoft Dynamics NAV records from Microsoft Dynamics CRM? MetaOption can help. Here are the additional benefits Dynamics CRM could offer for all Dynamics NAV users. Microsoft has been keen to convince people who need both. But […]

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Running Microsoft Dynamics ERP without Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Why??

If you’re already running a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution, I hope you’re loving it. But if you haven’t integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a 360-degree of everything that is happening at your company, you’re missing a fantastic opportunity. Your ERP system covers your back office (GLAPAR at the very least) and, depending on your industry, […]

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Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Cheat Sheet: 10 Things You Should Know

Microsoft Dynamics GP has a lot to offer.  If you are considering Microsoft Dynamics GP to help run your business, this GP cheat sheet is your friend. This GP cheat sheet includes: Bundles Users GP and the Cloud Office365 Add-ons Customization and Integration Customer Relationship Management (CRM) What about AX, NAV and SL? Implementation How to […]

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CRM and ERP Integration

The benefits of integrating CRM and your ERP system: Superior customer service is a direct result of a well-executed integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and is the best way to stand out from the competition.  The underlying principle behind the integration of CRM and ERP systems is to […]

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