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Three Things to Know About Microsoft Dynamics ERP Licensing

It’s becoming increasingly important to understand the complicated nature of software pricing and licensing. Companies may need to lean on technology for advanced functionality, but the licensing costs shouldn’t break the bank. And you shouldn’t be stuck in something you can’t manage or even understand. So let’s take a look at the top three things […]

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New Purchases of Microsoft Dynamics GP with Microsoft’s Big Easy Offer 2011 Can Add Up to Great Rebate Savings

If you are considering buying a new accounting or ERP system, and need to update your network or PCs, your company can take advantage of a great promotion from Microsoft called the Big Easy Offer 2011.  New purchases of one of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, like Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, or Dynamics NAV, usually involve […]

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UK Offer on Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Buy One License, Get Three

Deployed correctly, Microsoft Dynamics NAV will help you reduce costs throughout your organization: from sales and marketing through manufacturing and operations to administration and accounting (and just about everything else in between). And at the same time as delivering a wide range of efficiency gains, Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you run your entire business. Towards […]

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Advantages of Staying Current on ERP Maintenance

Companies typically spend 15-20% of their software license fees on maintenance and support each year. Given the 10- to 15-year average lifespan of ERP investments, license costs are often eclipsed by maintenance costs in the long-term. So it's understandable that companies like you would want to reduce these costs. However, here are three reasons to […]

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse: Three Microsoft Dynamics GP Users For $1

As the economy begins to shift into recovery mode, the mindset of smart companies is also changing. Instead of focusing on cost cutting and basic efficiencies, businesses are exploring ways to increase productivity and create value.  Most IT budgets have taken a hit during the past few years, which has made it difficult to upgrade […]

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No Fooling – 3 Dynamics GP Users For $1!

One of my favorite days of the year is April 1st   aka April Fool’s Day.  In our family the excitement of this day is second only to opening day for baseball (the subject of my next blog) and the sophistication of the pranks we play on each other has grown over the years from the simple […]

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