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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing: What You Need to Know

Microsoft Dynamics products went through a recent branding change. The products that used to be called Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM have now been rebranded as Microsoft Dynamics 365. In addition to the changes in product names, there are some updates to the cost of licenses. There are a few key components that go into Microsoft […]

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How Much Should You Budget for the Cost of Dynamics ERP?

Finding the right ERP solution is an important part of your business strategy. If you have been investigating various ERP solutions, there are a number of important questions to ask regarding applications, compliance, suitability, and method of implementation. But if you are a small to mid-sized business, perhaps one of the more relevant questions will […]

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Dynamics GP Pricing Demystified

Let’s face it, after you decided you’re ready to look at new business management solutions and put together a punch list of the features you’ll need, one of the first questions that probably came to mind is, “how much is this going to cost me?” Like all other ERP systems, Dynamics GP pricing depends on […]

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Two Discounts to Lower the Cost of Microsoft Dynamics GP – Price Comparison and FAQ

How much does Microsoft Dynamics GP cost? When you get the answer you should always ask if there is a discount or promotion currently being offered by Microsoft for Dynamics GP. In the past several years the answer is usually yes. The last promotion ended in June 2014. As of September 17, 2014 two new […]

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Consumer Cheat Sheet – 30 Questions To Ask About The Cost of Accounting Software

CFOs specialize in finances. For them money truly is everything. Every investment their companies make should eventually further their financial growth. ERP software is a major investment that could involve thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on hardware, licensing, implementation, training, and support. Before a company reaches a point […]

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Cheat Sheet for Reading Between the Lines of ERP Software Quotes

Shopping for ERP software can be a long and arduous process. To find the system that will work for your business, you must weed out the many options that do not even come close. Many vendors will show off impressive-looking software, but only a few will be worth your time. Those few may offer you […]

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9 Key Questions to Ask About The Cost of Your ERP Software License

Choosing the right accounting software can be tough. With so many options and so much technical jargon, finding the package that meets your needs is quite a challenge. But once you have found the software that has the right functionality for your business, you need to make sure you understand the costs. There are ways […]

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Microsoft Introduces New Promotions for Dynamics ERP

Recently, Microsoft introduced a variety of special promotions designed to help customers with the purchase of Microsoft Dynamics ERP products.  Special pricing is available for both new and existing customers and 1s among the more aggressive set of incentives we've seen from Microsoft in quite awhile. For example, from now until June 24, new Microsoft Dynamics […]

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Can Your Small Businesses Afford ERP Software?

Small and medium businesses (SMB) often find themselves with a lot of accounting and resource management to complete and very little funding to make it happen.  For them, an ERP software solution may be viewed as an unnecessary (and possibly insurmountable) expense.  Instead, many SMBs, especially those on the small side, may opt for a […]

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