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Why Look For a Dynamics GP Partner That Does Business the Way You Do Business

In many articles I read choosing a software partner is likened to choosing a spouse. During the project you’ll be spending long hours together and you want someone you can communicate with and someone you trust. One of our clients, Robert at Modern Tire, recently said, “CAL does business the way we do business; stand […]

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Don’t Ask For An Accounting Software Quote Before You Finish These 5 Steps

Your accounting software purchase is a decision you’ll have to live with for perhaps the next 10 years (the average time a company keeps their accounting software.)  Spending time upfront to ensure that you make the right decision is a worthwhile investment.   By solidly planning your project at the front end and asking savvy questions […]

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ERP Software Maintenance Fees: Insurance You Actually Need

Just about every software vendor will require you to pay an annual fee based on a percentage of the software list price.  This fee has various aliases such as maintenance fee or enhancement plan. (For Microsoft Dynamics GP, the cost of the “Advantage Plan” is 18% of the original software list price and is built […]

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4 Simple Steps to Calculate ROI and Justify The Cost of New Accounting Software

How much does accounting software cost and can you prove the ROI?  How many times have you been asked that question but really have no idea how to calculate specific ROI numbers?  In his post called “CRM Customization ROI Calculator” Mitch Milam outlines a simple but effective equation to show how to calculate ROI. He […]

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“The Triple Bottom Line” – Tracking Financial, Social and Environmental Performance – Going Green with Microsoft Dynamics GP

The world is “going green”.  This will mean changes for distribution and manufacturing companies as government and local regulations become more stringent and consumers start to insist on “green” products and “green practices” in the companies that produce them. CFO’s will have to become concerned with “the Triple Bottom Line” – financial, social and environmental […]

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When Choosing The Right Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, Size Does Matter

Some are too small, some are too big and some are just right.  Here’s a tip on how to choose a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner or VAR  - make sure you ask 2 questions about size: 1)    What size companies do you typically work with as clients? 2)    What size organization are you?  Neither question […]

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