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Why Distribution Companies Should Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP Software

There are software solutions specifically designed for distribution companies. They may be rich in industry features but many are not also strong in financial features. Surely your distribution company needs a solution that is strong in both areas. That is why we recommend Microsoft Dynamics GP for distribution companies. Microsoft Dynamics GP has proven itself […]

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Three Reports a Distribution Company Put On Auto Pilot with Dynamics GP

Does your ERP system give you the reports you need? Is it automated? Often the finance department has access to the information they need, but it has to be exported and compiled manually. This wastes time. And the information is quickly outdated and the report needs to be compiled again. One of the biggest benefits […]

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21 Real Questions from a Distribution Company Evaluating Dynamics GP with Salespad – And the Answers

Recently, a distribution company that is evaluating Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad provided us with 21 specific questions their team came up with during a brainstorming session related to finding the right financial/distribution software solution for their business.

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3D Printing and Microsoft Dynamics GP for Manufactures and Distributors

At one time, 3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) seemed like something out of a sci-fi novel.  Now, it has become a reality, and roughly 67 percent of industrial manufacturers now implement some form of 3D printing technology. And 25 percent plan to adopt 3D printing in the future, according to a report by […]

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How Good Manufacturers Achieve Greatness with Microsoft Dynamics GP

This is not a story about a manufacturer that had hit rock bottom and needed a bailout. This is a story about a manufacturer and distributor of medical products that was already good at what it did, but minds behind the operation wanted to achieve greatness. For Beekley Medical , that meant taking a hard […]

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Connecticut Distribution Company Reduces Order Processing Time by 50% Using Microsoft Dynamics GP + SalesPad

We work with a distribution company based in Cheshire, Connecticut (CT) that had a common problem: old, outdated software and the business processes, and bottlenecks to go with them. They set out to upgrade their Macola ERP system, but get more value for their software dollar. Using Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad, they have improved time-to-customer, reduced overhead costs, and obtained a level of visibility on their order process that would have been impossible otherwise.

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Connecticut Distribution Company Serves Customers Better Using Microsoft Dynamics GP & SalesPad

CAL Business Solutions recently installed an add on product called SalesPad for a Naugatuck, Connecticut based distribution company using Microsoft Dynamics GP. What they discovered is true for most companies: when employees who wouldn’t normally use the ERP system are given access to key financial data, it positively effects sales, deepens the relationship with customers, and adds value that positively affects the bottom line.

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