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How Marketers Get the Most from ERP-Integrated E-Commerce

In some ways, e-commerce is the best thing that ever happened to marketing. Before the internet, everything was TV, radio, and print. You purchased spots and advertised, in the hopes that shoppers hearing your jingle often enough would eventually give you a call or drop by your brick-and-mortar store. And even then, you were pretty […]

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New Web Store? Your Checklist for Success in 2018

This article was originally featured in the k-eCommerce Blog. You can read the original article here. Thinking about opening a new web store in 2018? We’ve got some good news: getting the web store you need is easier than you think.  Whether your online objectives are to generate more revenue, instill brand loyalty, or gain that competitive edge, […]

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Don’t Let Your Product Catalog Be the Web’s Best Kept Secret

You may have the hottest inventory on the web, but if your eCommerce solution doesn’t feature a rich product catalog to help you push it, you’re destined to remain the web’s “best-kept secret.” If you’re lucky, you’ve been to one of those restaurants where the best dishes aren’t on the menu. Drop the right name, […]

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