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Great Tools For Migrating Your On-Premise ERP Data Into The Cloud

If you are planning to move your business data from your on-premises ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution, be warned: it’s not as easy as sending an email with an attachment. In fact, data transfer to a new cloud-based solution such as Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central (BC) requires strategic decisions, careful planning, and, above all, the […]

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4 Signs it’s Time to Migrate to a Cloud ERP System

Many business leaders are naturally apprehensive about buying or upgrading the ERP system if they weren’t happy with the previous one’s costs and results. However, scalable and flexible cloud-based ERP software saves money, overcomes past problems and creates new solutions. Cloud ERP software offers sustainable models that reduce the need for in-house staff, hardware and […]

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Ready to Migrate to the Cloud? 3 Questions to Ask Before Getting Started.

Make way for the future with Cloud Migration By now, we all know the benefits of a cloud-based ERP system – no in-house hardware, flexible subscriptions, integrated reporting, and so on. Microsoft is heavily investing in the ease and functionality of their cloud-based system, and many companies are already experiencing the transformative benefits of the […]

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