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Enjoy the Benefits of the Cloud without Giving up Your Dynamics GP Software

These days, from the press and even Microsoft, the cloud seems to get all the love. Sometimes, it can make you wonder whether hanging onto your traditional ERP is still a valid choice. But there are countless businesses like yours that count on and enjoy using their Dynamics ERP software. If you’re one of them, […]

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Comparing Cloud Providers: Deconstructing the Packaged Promotions

As you’re shopping for a new cloud services provider, you come across a fantastic promotion – only $1xx for a “industry-specific” cloud package – everything you need to be up and running and with extras specific to your industry. But wait – hold the phone. WHO said that’s everything you need and WHAT is that […]

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3 Elements of a Top ERP Cloud Hosting Facility

Making the move to a shared cloud hosting environment presents businesses with a number of challenges relating to governance, compliance, risk management, and availability. The following three factors are considered to be of utmost importance if an ERP cloud hosting facility is to provide clients with a quality environment in which to store and manage […]

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“DYNAMICS IN THE CLOUD” – in 30 Minutes or Less at Convergence

You should pack-in as many meetings, sessions, and networking events as you possible when it comes to Microsoft Convergence.  With everything being bigger in Texas, there is no bigger stage to meet with thought leaders in the Dynamics community on how to deliver the best solutions.  We are hosting several Microsoft partner meetings at Convergence, […]

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Top Three Reasons to Leverage the Cloud

Unfortunately, most people wait until something bad happens before they start seriously considering a change to their business management system. For example, did it take your IT staff two months to upgrade your accounting software? Or maybe a brief power outage stopped production in your company for almost two days. Maybe you discovered that your outdated […]

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