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5 Reasons to Move Your Dynamics ERP to the Microsoft Azure Cloud

If your Dynamics ERP environment is still sitting on a server at your office, please do your future self a big favor and keep reading.   First thing to know is – you’ve got options.  Just because you want to move to the cloud that doesn’t mean you have to move ERP platforms.  You can, […]

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How Microsoft Dynamics GP Cloud Integration Transforms Your Business

We have noticed more and more companies analyzing their current systems. In addition, many current QuickBooks customers — who may be frustrated with the software’s older architecture but have put up with it because they did not feel the need to change — will now be forced to change in the next few years. This […]

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Comparing Cloud Providers: Deconstructing the Packaged Promotions

As you’re shopping for a new cloud services provider, you come across a fantastic promotion – only $1xx for a “industry-specific” cloud package – everything you need to be up and running and with extras specific to your industry. But wait – hold the phone. WHO said that’s everything you need and WHAT is that […]

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To Deploy Dynamics GP in the Cloud or Not?

For the last few years, it’s become difficult to go more than a couple days without hearing someone bring up the terms “Cloud” or “Cloud computing.” Financial software, in particular is one of the main system types that have really been revolutionized by this trend.  However, there still remains a lot of confusion surrounding the […]

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How to Upgrade your ERP System in the Cloud

There’s the Cloud, and then there’s the Cloud. There are different levels of Cloud functionality and they are not equal when it comes to upgrading and ongoing maintenance. There are a lot of technical considerations happening behind the scenes that can greatly affect how your system is upgraded. We are all familiar with office productivity […]

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3 Considerations for Cloud Hosting Partner Selection

Cloud computing gets talked about a lot in blogs and articles—the benefits, the risks, advice on implementation.  A life sciences company that uses the cloud for hosted management software, for example, stands to see significant savings, more agility, and more.  But what about providers who want to deliver their solution in the cloud?  Cloud hosting partner selection […]

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