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How can Microsoft Dynamics deliver more data to your team members?

Cloud computing and financial reporting are no longer just buzzwords — they are driving business transformation for small and midsize businesses. By bringing together business applications and familiar productivity tools, Microsoft Dynamics in the cloud can now offer the insights you need to better understand your customers and drive your success. Intelligence as an advantage. […]

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10 Questions (and Answers) About Microsoft’s New Cloud ERP Offering, Dynamics 365 Business Central

On March 13, 2018, Microsoft announced a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for small and mid-size businesses that is scheduled to release on April 2nd, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This new cloud ERP offering, formerly known as "Tenerife,” (you have to love Microsoft code names) is targeted at companies that have grown beyond […]

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If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to transform your business technologically, guess what?   Today is the day!   As a result of the newly passed tax reform bill, businesses of any size--whether small or large--will have access to new deductions. Your business now has a completely unprecedented opportunity to update its tech infrastructure. […]

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Manufacturers Gain Competitive Advantage with ERP

Download Free White paper Here Successful manufacturers have long relied on modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to gain a competitive edge. The ability to capture and analyze data is essential to managing resources, responding to customer needs and driving profits. Information technology continues to advance, providing manufacturers new opportunities to work faster, smarter and […]

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eCommerce CRM or Standard CRM? What’s your pick?

eCommerce Partner with us      Frequently Asked Questions   As we all know, eCommerce is a booming industry where several applications are flooded to grab everyone’s attention. But, is it the right fit for your webstore needs? You need to seriously think about the eCommerce CRM options (big or smaller applications providers, it doesn’t matter!) […]

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How to prepare your rental company for a cyberattack in four steps

Our ERP systems are packed with data seamlessly flowing from one department to another. With the threat of cyberattacks growing every day, it is more important than ever to protect our data. If a cyberattack is big enough, it can affect everyone—not only because your data can be compromised, corrupted, deleted, or altered, but also […]

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Dynamics LCS Task Guides: Optimizing the DynaRent customer experience

Improving ease and performance for DynaRent users is always a priority for HiGH Software. That’s why the latest version of DynaRent for Dynamics 365 Operations (and Microsoft Dynamics AX) takes full advantage of the new Dynamics LCS Task Guides that’s part of Dynamics Lifecycle Services. In particular, we’re taking full advantage of tools that let […]

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“The invisible revolution” that’s impacting equipment & services rental industries

A while ago, we shared some key ideas. In our articles we shared about the opportunities that cloud-based computing can deliver. Also we whared our thought about the opportunities analytics holds out. Especially to equipment rental and services during the invisible revolution. HiGH Software is defining how The DynaRent solutions suite can offer those capabilities […]

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How Important Is Your Hosting Provider when Working with Magento Platform?

eCommerce Partner with us      Frequently Asked Questions You now have an amazing web store powered by the world-class Magento platform. However, you might come across the worst scenarios when users shoot out crazy email regarding slowdown of the web store and error messages popping up when trying to add items to the cart for […]

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How Organizations use Social Media to Boost Their Web Store Reach?

eCommerce Partner with us      Frequently Asked Questions Still stuck with traditional marketing techniques? Well, its high time you made the change! Here at x2x eCommerce, our CEO constantly motivates us to improve our digital marketing skills. Why? Simply because it is the future of online marketing! Today, if your business doesn’t have a LinkedIn […]

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