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Business Owner Tips for Cloud and Hosting Contracts

CIS has recently been helping several customers that went all in on the Cloud - not with CIS.  They took their phones, ERP, data storage, Outlook, to the Cloud.   Everything!  With these companies having numerous locations across the USA, moving to the cloud was a business critical decision that has impacted the day-to-day operations for up to […]

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Solving the 5 Riddles of Cloud Computing

The hype around cloud computing can set almost anyone’s head spinning.  In Green Beacon's blog post last March we discussed the "Benefits of Cloud Computing". Before jumping into the whirlwind - whether you're a public or private sector organization, or a for-profit business or non-profit entity - your organization needs to research various cloud solutions, where […]

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The Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing: Gather your Resources to Make an Informed Decision

According to this article, public cloud computing will fuel the information technology industry for the next 25 years.  We think this proves that the cloud is no “fad”, rather an economic option for businesses that need flexible and affordable IT solutions. As a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner, we have written our fair share of cloud articles […]

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Hearing it from the Horse’s Mouth: Thoughts from Actual Cloud Users

We’ve heard a lot about why people should move to the cloud, but what about hearing from the people in the cloud? What is their experience and what can we learn from them? In reading this whitepaper, “How the Cloud Looks from the Top: Achieving Competitive Advantage in the Age of Cloud Computing”, I came […]

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To Be, or Not to Be in the Cloud…That is the Question: Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

The question of whether your company’s solution should be in the cloud or not is an important one to ponder. Maybe not as insightful as Shakespeare’s famous words, but important nonetheless. Over the years, technology experts have come to the conclusion that it really depends on a handful of key factors, so we here at […]

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