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Revenge of the Zombie Clauses

This past Sunday was (as most of us are aware) Valentine’s Day.  It’s a time many look forward to for great dinners, nights out, and quality time with our significant others. For science fiction fans, the excitement was about something else entirely.  Sunday marked the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead.  For those of you who are not aware, […]

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The Importance of Sales and Device Training for the New Field Service Technician

As improvements in remote diagnostics and smart enabled products increase first time fix rates and enable more preventative repair, the role of the field service technician is evolving to fit the changing needs of their customers. In the past, a technician needed to be able to quickly diagnose and fix a malfunctioning product on-site, but […]

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“It’s an App-world after all”

Apps, by definition, reside in the Cloud and have become ubiquitous in our small world! Are friends in your network talking about Cloud and SaaS as though it is all something new?  Wait-a-minute, I thought my iTunes apps were in the cloud for the past 10 years?  I thought all of the smartphones have enabled […]

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Cloud Predictions for 2014

Cloud computing has become the rule and not the exception for applications in today’s business world. It is without doubt the default IT platform and the reality is a lot of organizations use multiple cloud environments delivered within different platforms. The challenge of managing these cloud environments in a consistent way has created the need […]

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