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The CIO’s Guide to a Bulletproof Ecommerce Investment

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has one of the most critical jobs in any organization. The IT department he or she oversees is responsible for the swift, reliable, uninterrupted flow of business data between the company’s various systems. Often, these systems and the connections between them are incredibly complex. Take the relationship between an ecommerce […]

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How Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics GP Benefits Each Department

This article will discuss the benefits of Business Intelligence (BI) for the HR, IT, marketing, and sales departments using Dynamics GP. BI solutions can help you meet department-specific goals in an efficient way. I will cover general departments that you would typically find in a company. Sales A budgeting and forecasting tool benefits the sales […]

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Why In-Memory Computing Is a Big Deal for Business Analytics

In-memory computing is being hailed as a revolutionary advance, and with good reason. In-memory computing dramatically improves the performance of analytical applications and opens the doors to significant computing and business innovations. Deloitte calls in-memory computing the “holy grail of analytics” and “the future of computing,” while a report in Forbes describes how in-memory computing […]

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