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Success Strategies for an Effective Dynamics AX ERP Implementation

Although Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP implementation projects offer numerous benefits, they typically carry a certain degree of risk, as any ERP solution would. According to Gartner, approximately 75% of all ERP projects fail. This is largely due to implementation issues rather than the product itself. Inadequate budget, lack of disciplined project management, low involvement of […]

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If You Read One Article about ERP Systems, Let It Be This One

Successful companies know the importance of ERP systems, and what’s not to love? ERP solutions are powerful, effective, and fantastic for growth – until they’re not. If you're working with a poorly matched (or outdated) system, you need to think about finding a replacement. Our experts have compiled a list of the seven signs you hate […]

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Infographic: 9 Great Reasons Why Small & Medium Sized Businesses Choose Dynamics ERP solutions

This infographic depicts 9 reasons why so many small and medium sized businesses choose Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems over other similar solutions.  If you’re an SMB in the market for a new ERP, this is a great place to begin your research. Want to share this infographic with colleagues?  Download a PDF version. By: Laura […]

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Top 13 ERP Mistakes You Should Avoid: Part 3

In part one of this series, we explored four of the top ERP problems that primarily involved the pre-implementation phase. The second part in the series addressed some of the serious problems companies often face when they are actually implementing their ERP systems. The last four, items 10 to 13 on this list, are more technical  […]

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Why Do ERP Selection Processes Fail and How Do You Make Sure Yours Doesn’t?

If you’re in the midst of an ERP Selection Process, you have great expectations of a successful implementation done right: on time and on budget and wildly popular with all of your employees. Unfortunately, while this is always the goal, it is not always the reality.  An article, "Avoiding ERP Selection Failure", by ERP industry […]

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