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How to Save Money When Hiring a Software Partner and Implementing an ERP System

When it’s time to hire an ERP software consultant or Microsoft software partner, there are certain things you should take into consideration in order to keep more money in your bank account. Avoid sticker-shock by utilizing these tips to save money when implementing your ERP system. Don’t automatically choose the partner with the lowest rates. […]

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The ERP Implementation Partnership: Human Factor vs. Tools & Procedures

We all have implementation methodologies and the tools that go along with them. While debating the merits of particular tools and the advantages of increased sophistication versus user buy-in, we can agree that our project tools are necessary components in a successful implementation. That said, there are more interesting components in a project. Once the […]

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The Number One Decision Smart People Make When Choosing ERP Software (and It Isn’t What You Think)

Choosing ERP software for your company is a stressful and daunting task. After working with companies of all sizes from across North America for the last 26 years, we’ve identified the number one decision that smart people make when choosing ERP software. The number one thing to consider is the software partner you choose. The […]

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do – How to Choose a Microsoft Dynamics Partner

It’s not you, it’s me. I’ve decided to go in a different direction. No matter how someone says it, breaking up is hard to do, and that goes for business relationships as well as personal ones. If you’re not satisfied with your software partner, it might be time for a change. Start by identifying the characteristics […]

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Choosing ERP Software: How Microsoft Competencies Help You Find the Right ERP Partner

One of the things that sets Microsoft business software apart from many other solutions is that it is supplied, implemented and supported by a strong, wide-reaching network of business partners. This network is not just a group of businesses that simply resell the software. Organisations that provide Microsoft Dynamics products for example, have to demonstrate […]

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Connecticut Professional Services Company Finds the Right Microsoft Dynamics GP Software Partner to Handle Complex Project Requirements

Women’s Health USA is a large managed services organization in Avon, Connecticut that provides professional services to doctors’ offices.  Their success depends largely on the strength of their back office software systems that support these services. Their ERP system manages 25 users and 18 separate companies with complex intercompany relationships, allocations, and cost sharing needs. […]

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11 Tips For Choosing Your Accounting Partner

Successful Accounting Partnerships Trusting your accounting processes and information to an ‘outsider’ is a big step for any small and medium sized business owner.  After all, the ability to track inventory, place orders, send out bills, and collect and managing cash is core to every business and something that every business owner should take very […]

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