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3 Sure Steps to a Smooth Microsoft Dynamics Implementation

Implementing a new ERP solution can seem like a daunting project. And while it certainly isn’t something to take on lightly, choosing the right partner can significantly ease and accelerate the entire process. Whether it’s your organization’s first step into ERP, or you’re upgrading from a legacy system to one that’s better suited to meet your modern business challenges, […]

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The ERP Implementation Partnership: Human Factor vs. Tools & Procedures

We all have implementation methodologies and the tools that go along with them. While debating the merits of particular tools and the advantages of increased sophistication versus user buy-in, we can agree that our project tools are necessary components in a successful implementation. That said, there are more interesting components in a project. Once the […]

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Is Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner Toxic to your Business?

Jason Alexander recently gave an interview explaining why his on-screen fiancé on Seinfeld was killed off. While dying from licking toxic envelopes is comedic gold, she didn’t get the boot just for a few laughs. Alexander explained that the chemistry between the actress who played the fiancée Susan and the rest of the cast wasn’t […]

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5 Things to Look For in a Top Microsoft Partner

What things should you look for in a top Microsoft Partner? In our business of consulting, there is a plethora of Microsoft Partners, vendors and service providers – actually over 640,000 and counting. Who stands out?  At the end of the day, the question becomes, how do consultants differentiate themselves?  The answer is simple - by executing on […]

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What You Should Expect from Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

If you’ve ever gone shopping for a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner, you’ve probably noticed the same things that I have. 1) Some of their Web sites are better than others. But how important is that? 2) They all say pretty much the same thing. By that I mean, they all say they’re great at what […]

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Choosing ERP Software: How Microsoft Competencies Help You Find the Right ERP Partner

One of the things that sets Microsoft business software apart from many other solutions is that it is supplied, implemented and supported by a strong, wide-reaching network of business partners. This network is not just a group of businesses that simply resell the software. Organisations that provide Microsoft Dynamics products for example, have to demonstrate […]

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The Benefits of Doing Business with a Microsoft Partner with a Gold Competency

Recently, Microsoft changed the way they designate partners in their network.  Prior to May 2011, they referred to partners in their program as Gold Certified, Certified and Registered.  This year Microsoft redesigned the partner membership to more accurately represent the value partners provide to customers.  Now, in addition to participating in the partner network community, […]

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Looking for a Consulting Company to Implement an ERP System? Here is what to look for.

If you have already decided that your company needs a world-class ERP solution like Dynamics GP, choosing the right firm to implement it is probably more important than the product selection itself.  An ERP solution is as good as the consulting company that implements it. In the case of Dynamics GP, there is a network […]

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