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How Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics GP Benefits Each Department

This article will discuss the benefits of Business Intelligence (BI) for the HR, IT, marketing, and sales departments using Dynamics GP. BI solutions can help you meet department-specific goals in an efficient way. I will cover general departments that you would typically find in a company. Sales A budgeting and forecasting tool benefits the sales […]

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The Buck Stops With The CFO. Can You Handle The Pressure?

The responsibility for timely, accurate payroll management rests with the chief financial officer (CFO).  Processing payroll can be complex, especially with changing variables that often arise with employees or with regulatory requirements.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) introduces an even greater burden for capturing and reporting payroll data.  Since the buck stops with the CFO, […]

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Why In-Memory Computing Is a Big Deal for Business Analytics

In-memory computing is being hailed as a revolutionary advance, and with good reason. In-memory computing dramatically improves the performance of analytical applications and opens the doors to significant computing and business innovations. Deloitte calls in-memory computing the “holy grail of analytics” and “the future of computing,” while a report in Forbes describes how in-memory computing […]

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OLAP Cube vs. Data Warehouse

Data continues to trend upward as a topic in the world of business as the quantity of data that a company maintains, evaluates, and organizes continues to expand.  Holding onto and utilizing pertinent information is vital for analyzing company strengths and weaknesses, while preparing for successful maturation in the future.  That said, without having IT […]

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