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Choosing the Right Performance Metrics for Non-Profit Organizations

  Success in any business environment requires an ability to define what performance looks like and accurately measure performance and results. In the world of non-profit organizations, this measurement becomes more important and complex because financial profit, or return on investment, is never the ultimate goal.  There is another set of metrics involved, and determining […]

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KPIs, Metrics, and Measures

I recently tapped into a LinkedIn Business Intelligence group discussion on the difference between KPIs, metrics, and measures.  It was a good discussion, but it pointed out that there is still a lot of confusion around these terms.  The response I like the best on this string was given by Bjorn Bjolseth , a senior […]

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Supporting the Entrepreneurs Vision with ERP

Over the years  I have been lucky enough to meet with many brilliant entrepreneurs.  Most of these are business owners and I work for one as well at CIS.   These individuals see the vision of where they want the business to be and are typically experts in selling their ideas, products, and services.  Some also […]

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