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Can Big Data Reduce Employee Turnover?

Big data is being discussed in many industries today with implications that predictive analytics can solve problems and provide insights for all the moving parts of businesses. Now, the idea is being applied to human capital. Can data improve productivity and reduce employee turnover? Maybe…but it depends. Straight-line logic has its place, but it may […]

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Nostalgia Can Sell Products But It’s Not Good For Business

What’s old is new again and every few years we see a revival of trends from years past.  Some people like to relive memories by buying clothes, foods, or toys that remind them of their childhood.  While nostalgia can sell products, it can’t run a business.  Don’t hold onto legacy systems for much longer.  Old […]

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Give Customers Everything They Want This Year with Integrated ERP and CRM

Every business strives to provide superior customer service.  After all, impressing the customer with high-quality products and personalized service is important to developing long-term relationships.  However, providing great customer service isn’t as easy as it could be, especially when your team isn’t working together.  Disparate systems and isolated customer data make it difficult to anticipate […]

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