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Improve Month-End Reporting with Microsoft Dynamics

How long does it take to finalize your month-end reports? Are they ready for review on the first of the month? Most likely, they aren’t finished until well into the first week of the following month. Creating the reports can get even more complicated when each area of your business has its own reporting system. […]

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The Agile Supply Chain: Turning Data into Profit

Smart companies realize that successfully maintaining competitive advantage and building customer loyalty will depend mainly on one thing: Agility.  In the new reality, organizations are expected to take action rapidly in response to shifts in consumer expectation, and the opportunity costs of an inflexible supply chain are great. It’s important to incorporate agility into your […]

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Become More Customer-Centric with Business Intelligence

Today, the phrase “it’s all about the customer” has a whole new meaning. The value chain now begins with the buyer instead of the seller. We live in a world where consumers are informed and empowered and a seamless, no-risk buying experience is considered the norm.  In order to meet the demands of this new […]

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What is Business Intelligence?

Two major changes are taking place in the world of business today: the value chain now begins with the buyer, not the seller, and big data keeps getting bigger. In order to stay competitive, companies will have to become more customer-centric in the way they do business, and they must take control of their data […]

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How Can Custom ERP Software Inhibit Business Agility?

The findings of a report by IFS North America are surprising: Over 50% of companies say that ERP systems lock them into rigid business processes which are very difficult to change once implemented.  This report shows that businesses become less agile because the cost and effort to reconfigure the existing system becomes too expensive. So how can […]

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