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Solving Your Payroll Problems with Greenshades

      Greenshades is a Crestwood customer favorite add-on for Dynamics GP. Their software solves your payroll problems. From employee services to payroll taxes, let them take care of the complexities so you can focus on your business. Join us for a free webinar and get a no-strings attached look at what they offer. […]

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Attract and Retain Skilled Job Candidates With Strong Benefit Programs

Many of today’s job candidates are evaluating benefit programs alongside other workplace qualities. A recent study by Fractl revealed that candidates are considering health, dental and vision insurance along with leave and retirement benefits when rating a job offer. Offering strong benefit programs is one way to attract the skilled candidates you need; however, they […]

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Determining ALE Status for ACA– Need a bigger reason to employ veterans? This is it.

When it comes time to determine Applicable Large Employer (ALE) status, deciding which employees are counted as full-time or full-time equivalent can be daunting. The Surface Transportation and Veterans Health Care Choice Improvement Act of 2015 gives businesses incentives to hire veterans and military members. There are many considerations, but here we will specifically cover […]

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5 Scalability Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud

For growing businesses, scalability is important. Unless you can predict exactly how large your business will grow and what functionality you’ll need in the future, then you need a financial system that can scale with you. Scalability refers to a software's ability to grow with your business, increasing in complexity and user count without compromising its effectiveness. Ultimately, it […]

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