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Growing Together: Understanding ERP Software Scalability

Download one of our free Microsoft Dynamics Demos Part of what makes ERP software so popular within various industries is its ability to adapt alongside growing companies. Gone are the days where organizations were required to spend tens of thousands of dollars for system update fees. Instead, companies now have the freedom to grow freely, […]

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It’s time to replace your ERP… or is it? Updating for the wrong reasons.

It’s time to replace your ERP… or is it? Updating for the wrong reasons. A while back, I asked a CFO how he reported to the street certain numbers within a very small margin. He replied with “If I don’t know how we are going to perform, it will make the investors uneasy, it could […]

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What Top Management Needs to Know about ERP

Bringing in an enterprise resource planning system to a business is a major undertaking. Before the implementation, it is critical that upper management understand what adopting an ERP means for the business and the impact it will have immediately and in the future. Here are 5 things top management needs to know about ERP.

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What You Need To Know About Microsoft Dynamics AX

There are many different types of business management systems available today.  Many midsized and larger businesses rely on integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to gain greater control and insight throughout their operations, increasing productivity and profitability.  ERP is not a one-size-fits-all solution and a reliable software provider can walk you through the process of […]

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Can Your Small Businesses Afford ERP Software?

Small and medium businesses (SMB) often find themselves with a lot of accounting and resource management to complete and very little funding to make it happen.  For them, an ERP software solution may be viewed as an unnecessary (and possibly insurmountable) expense.  Instead, many SMBs, especially those on the small side, may opt for a […]

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