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Legacy Versus Cloud ERP, What’s the Difference?

Even though cloud ERPs are not brand new, there is still some confusion over the difference between them and legacy (on premise) ERP systems. I hope that the simple explanation I give in today’s blog post will help clear up some of that confusion and make your decision of which option to choose a little […]

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What Does Moving to the Cloud Mean for Current Dynamics NAV Users?

A survey completed by PwC showed that 86 percent of CEOs consider Digital their top priority. This aligns with the momentum we’ve seen building among SMB business that are embracing technology to transform their business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is leading the way and helping companies integrate and connect their business solutions. This new inter-connectivity is changing client engagement and customer service, business practices, and how companies are taking advantage of data and intelligence.

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6 Key Benefits of Cloud Computing for SMBs in 2018

Cloud computing is more than just a trending topic or industry buzzword. It’s a game-changing approach to managing data that has already proven its staying power and its impact on businesses’ productivity, profit margins, and growth potential. The benefits of cloud computing are numerous, but they’re particularly impactful for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). But […]

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