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Dynamics SL: Cash Manager vs. Bank Reconciliation Module

 written by Jerome Butler Are you currently doing your bank reconciliations in either Excel or on paper?  If yes, then you should consider doing your recs within Dynamics SL.  The 2 modules that handle this requirement, shown below, are the Bank Reconciliation Module and the Cash Manager Module. How do I choose between the two […]

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How Can Microsoft Dynamics SL Make Financial Management Easier?

Are you getting the answers you need about financial performance? Microsoft Dynamics SL software gives your people the tools they need to connect and manage your entire business, from financial to operations, with the insight you need to make smart decisions. Customizable views and forecasting tools enable you and your team to control, predict, and […]

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Dynamics GP: Why Aren’t My Cash Receipts Displaying in The Bank Reconciliation?

Often, clients will ask why a particular Cash Receipt is not displaying in the Bank Reconciliation when it comes time to close the month.  Many times, users will forget that a Bank Deposit is required before the transactions will display in the Chequebook subledger.  This is an important security step as the  person receiving funds […]

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Voiding a Bank Transaction in Dynamics GP

It is essential to promptly prepare your Bank Reconciliation and reconcile the transactions of your bank statement to the transactions in your General Ledger. In this way, you will match your cash balance in the bank with your company’s financial records. Bank reconciliation usually occurs at the end of the month; however some smaller companies […]

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Bank Transfer Common Mistakes

Users should keep in mind that all banking transactions need to be processed through a Chequebook ID in order to display in that bank subledger & that one should NEVER post a general journal entry to a bank GL account.  When we look at the Bank Transaction window, there is only a single Chequebook ID […]

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Make Banking Easier with Dynamics GP

We all know that banking can be tedious work. Now what if you could have a system that could help you organize all those transactions? Microsoft Dynamics GP ( contains several modules that streamline your banking and checkbook management tasks. All of the following modules come with the Starter Pack: Cashbook Bank Management Electronic Bank […]

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4 Mistakes to Avoid in Dynamics GP Today for Faster Bank Reconciliations Tomorrow

“What isn’t tried won’t work.” – Claude McDonald Has your Microsoft Dynamics GP General Ledger Cash Account Balance not matched your Bank Reconciliation Checkbook Balance before and you weren’t sure where to look? Here are 4 common reasons why they might not add up and things you might want to try for a solution to […]

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Updated Reconcile to GL Functionality in GP 2013

Accounting staff must ensure that the general ledger and the sub-ledgers are in balance at all times.  Often, our support team will be asked to assist when they aren’t in balance.  When this occurs, we generally run the Reconcile to GL routine in GP in order to determine the cause. Dynamics GP 2013 includes a […]

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