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Doing Business in Streamlined Sales Tax States (SST)

Did you know that nearly half of the country has its own rules when it comes to sales tax?  Do you know which states these are?  More importantly, do you know what their rules mean to the way you manage your sales taxes? Register and learn about SST states and their own sales tax rules. This […]

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SMBs: Get Ready to Kick Some SaaS in 2016

Repost from Avalara “There’s an app for that.” The ubiquitous Apple trademarked phrase has transcended beyond iPhone games and gadgets to apply to pretty much anything and everything being done in the Cloud today. It’s almost mind boggling how software and software-as-a-service (SaaS) are making it easier for companies to grow or operate their businesses […]

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5 Common Sales Tax Remittance & Filing Errors

Sales tax filing and reporting rules vary between jurisdictions in material ways. Each state has unique filing schedules, forms, payment thresholds and other administrative requirements that can trip you up. Here are some common filing and registration errors and what you can do about them. 1.   Not knowing nexus The connection between a company and […]

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Audit Preparation: How to Stay on the Auditor’s Nice List

Reposted from Preparing for an audit is more than a defensive strategy employed by smart companies. Audit readiness creates accountability between departments and core functions and ultimately strengthens and protects the bottom line.  Here’s why being prepared is crucial: Wakefield Research found that a typical negative audit can cost a business more than $96,000.  […]

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Your ZIP code might be creating audit risk. Here’s why..

Did you know that the way your tax rate tables are set up in your ERP system can make or break your business? Do you know how their set up for your business? That’s because most rate tables are based on ZIP codes. And ZIP codes can be completely inaccurate. Like using a tricycle to […]

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Tax Exempt Sales – Read These “Rules of the Road”

Think that just because you’re not a retailer you don’t owe sales tax? Think again. More and more traditionally non-taxable transactions are being taxed all over the US. If you’re not up to date, you could have been charging wrong rates (or not charging at all) all this time. Or worse, you could have been […]

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The #1 Sales Tax Error Found In Audits and 6 Silly Sales Tax Rules

California found that in the 2011/2012 fiscal year the #1 sales tax error for those audited was consumer use tax. According to our partner Avalara, a lot of businesses get consumer use tax wrong. This fun whiteboard video “Consumer Use Tax vs. Sales Tax”  simplifies the concept of when businesses and consumers are liable to […]

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Sales and Use Tax is Extremely Complicated! New Guide Breaks Down Sales Tax Practices by State.

Figuring out who owes, who collects, who’s exempt from sales and use tax and what states that all happens in is a complex process. Many of you are probably aware of how the sales tax landscape is changing with state and local governments revising tax laws to increase revenues in order to make up for […]

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Listen UP to the Recovering Accountant!

Convergence is coming and Mark Wilhelm, AKA The Recovering Accountant has some advice to share with Microsoft Dynamics users. Mark says, “When considering sales tax automation, here are the three things you MUST look for… A solution that reduces the risk of penalties; delivers multi-channel capability; and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics.” Avalara, a Microsoft […]

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