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ACA Penalties Are Coming

The political climate what it is, many employers have been holding out hope for penalty relief for not offering coverage, not offering affordable coverage and for not filing the necessary ACA forms with the IRS. The most recent legislation that was pulled for consideration in the House of Representatives would have provided relief to employers […]

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Put ACA Compliance Plans Under Microscope Before DOL Does It for You

Many businesses are wondering just how compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) may change after the recent election. While the exact changes have yet to be determined, businesses should not sit back and wait, but rather keep moving forward based on the ACA legislation that is in place today. It is also a good […]

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Avoiding IRS audits around ACA Compliance: the importance of keeping your employee data current

When it comes to providing proof of health insurance coverage for Affordable Care Act compliance reporting, having the correct employee records is crucial. Generally speaking, there is no need to retain payroll records that are over seven years old and 1094-C and 1095-C records over three years old. With this information in mind, how does […]

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Survive Your Next Financial Audit

Whether public or a private, most companies undergo an audit once a year. An upcoming audit is stressful for both the finance and accounting team, as well as the organization as a whole. However, if handled correctly, an audit can become a useful way to review your operations, ensure things are in order, and find areas […]

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Will You Pass an ERP Implementation Audit?

Do you like surprises? Your answer might depend on the type of surprise. For example, our 13-year-old daughter, with a little help from her grandmother, recently planned a surprise anniversary party for my husband and me. That was a pleasant surprise! Some surprises are not so pleasant, such as an unexpected audit finding. This article […]

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Am I Big Enough for ERP Software?

One of the main questions that people ask us relates to the size of their business and if they really are big enough for an Enterprise Resource Planning software like Microsoft Dynamics GP. GP’s scalability allows it to be utilized by small to medium businesses that range in size from a handful of employees in […]

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Dickinson State University Audit Proves What Not to Do

Dickinson State University has been making headlines recently, and not for good reasons. The North Dakota attorney general, Wayne Stenehjem, announced that his office is filing a motion that would force the Dickinson State University Foundation into receivership. This could lead to a third party being appointed to oversee the assets of the Foundation. The Foundation […]

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