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More than Half of Midsized Companies Cannot Afford to Change ERP Software – What is the Solution?

According to a recent study, over half (55%) of mid-market companies cannot afford to change their ERP software to fit their business needs, whether the changes involve data or businesses processes. This is largely because such changes require extensive customization projects done by outside consultants. Extensive customization projects can get very expensive, very quickly. Making […]

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When is The Best Time to Replace or Revamp Your ERP Software System?

When times get hard, and they inevitably will with the ebb and flow of success in the business world, many businesses begin to evaluate their work processes to find any areas in need of improvement.  That inevitably leads them to their ERP/accounting software systems, which may or may not be up to their standards. Far […]

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How to save 30 hours per month producing Financial Reports with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

We all hear about productivity gain claims. How about this one? I talked to one of our ERP software customers the other day and she told me she spent 30 hours per month preparing financial statements. These statements involved multiple companies with intercompany activities. Further, the ownership of these companies is complex. And when we […]

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Named Printers: Making Dynamics GP Printing Easy

The Named Printers feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP provides additional printer control to the system administrator and users of the application. Using Named Printers, your system administrator can assign specific printers to particular users, tasks, and/or companies. Doing this eliminates the need for a user to repeatedly choose which printer to use when printing reports, […]

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Get the Most from Dynamics GP

CustomerSource is one of the primary features of the Microsoft Business Ready Service Plans and hosts valuable resources, including training, self-support resources, product information, downloads and more. With 24-hour access to timely and relevant information regarding the Dynamics solution, CustomerSource is designed to empower Customers to reduce their organizations support costs and increase productivity with […]

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