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Consumer Demand Is Up, Are You Ready?

According to “Factory orders up in Nov. on aircraft demand,” a recent article posted on by Josh Boak with The Associated Press, a surge in aircraft demand was noted in November along with computers, machinery, and other goods.  With an increase in consumer demand, you may soon see a similar uptick in sales and […]

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Where Did I Put That Sales Report?

If your desk is like many, it is buried in a sea of important papers and reports.  Sometimes it’s difficult to put your fingertips on that one document you were looking for in order to make a swift business decision.  Many businesses are turning to business management technology because it’s much easier to find key […]

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How Big is the Stack of Papers On Your Desk? Streamline with Microsoft Dynamics GP!

If you’re getting out the measuring tape, this blog is for you! Stacks and stacks of paper piling up on your desk are probably making you feel incredibly overwhelmed each day. Just the sight of that paperwork isn't healthy for you OR your business.  By automating accounting procedures, you can eliminate those paper stacks while […]

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ERP Software Selection: What You Should Know and Why You Should Care

As professionals, we have a tendency to use terms like ‘ERP’ that we think everyone in our industry understands.  But what about you, the prospective customer?   Do you know, or even care, that ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning?  You’re probably more interested in finding the right solution for your business needs and requirements.  You […]

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Frustrated When Closing the 2011 Year with Your Current Accounting Software? Microsoft Dynamics GP Can Help!

One of the frustrations we often hear when meeting with a potential new customer is related to closing their year-end books. This can be a source of much agony in the business, especially when the boss is asking for reports, and the accounting staff is wondering if they can post transactions for the current year before […]

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Restricted Party Screening for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Do You Know Who You Do Business With?

Do you know who you are doing business with?  The US Patriot Act, along with many other regulatory and security initiatives, requires you to know your customer.  You are not allowed to conduct business with people and companies who have been sanctioned by the government for illegal acts such as drug trafficking, illegal arms trade, […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP and Excel Reporting Features

One of the best reporting features of Microsoft Dynamics GP is the out of the box  Excel Reports which provide a refreshable data connection to your Dynamics GP data directly from Excel.  A lot of Microsoft Dynamics GP users don’t even know about these reports and they already own them!  Microsoft Dynamics GP users and […]

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GAAP Compliant ERP System and User Buy In

I was speaking to one of our senior consultants the other day and the subject came up on one particular issue companies face when transitioning from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  She said that the striking difference between Quickbooks and GP is GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) compliance.  For example, in today’s financial environment where credit […]

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Should I Fix or Replace My Old Truck? What About My Old ERP System?

Here’s the problem. I like my old truck.  She’s comfortable. I know all her quirks and just how to rev up the engine to make sure she doesn’t stall at the traffic light. She’s gotten me almost everywhere I wanted to go, until lately. But, to get her fixed will cost me time and money. […]

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