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Is Your Company IRS-Compliant with ACA for 2016 Filing Season?

As the dust has finally settled from the 2015 filing season, the next question should be “Is our company IRS-compliant for the Affordable Care Act's 2016 filing season?” To truly answer this question, several other items must be evaluated and addressed. First, to start the compliance process a company needs to determine if they are […]

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What Is a 1095-C?

The 1095-C form is a new federal reporting requirement created as a result of passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Employers who must comply with the new health law are required to provide a 1095-C form to certain employees and then file copies with the IRS. 1095-C reporting applies to which employers? Every employer […]

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ACA Code 1A Alert: IRS Clarifies 1095-C Guidance for a Qualifying Offer

During the IRS group call on January 26, 2016 for developers of Affordable Care Act reporting software, a presenter for the IRS technical team brought clarity to Form 1095-C reporting for a Qualifying* Offer of coverage. In short, we now have a Code 1A alert, because the new information is a significant departure from previous guidance for, […]

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