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Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying ERP Software

Your mind’s made up. Now is the time to buy your very first ERP or replace one that’s long since seen better days. This is a big decision, one that will affect your business for years to come and has enough moving parts to make your head spin. So, you know you need to take […]

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Truth or Consequences – Top 5 Questions you Need to Answer before You Embark on the Road to ERP Software Selection

Remember Truth or Consequences? It was an immensely popular radio show that ran from 1940-1957 and TV show that ran from 1950-1988. Briefly, if a contestant couldn’t answer the question posed by the show’s host, they had to accept the consequences (which usually meant participating in some silly stunt. My version doesn’t involve silly stunts. […]

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What Features to Look For in a New ERP System

There are important features to consider when selecting an ERP system, but don’t get trapped by the features race in ERP software. The question is, where do you start when evaluating systems? My introduction to the ERP consulting space many years ago started with reviewing extensive questionnaires with new clients to find out the features required […]

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