Microsoft Dynamics vendors provide comparisons and opinions to professionals in the ERP/Accounting software selection process


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Understanding the Value of Product Enhancement Plans

We’re going to start this particular article off by explaining why software maintenance is necessary before delving into the ins and outs of so-called “annual enhancement plans,” which ensure you always have the latest and greatest version of a particular software. Maintaining a system is important because it keeps solutions “healthy enough” to deal with […]

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Bolt-on vs. integrated: What’s best when it comes to expanding your ERP?

Although enterprise resource planning solutions are a critical part of daily operations for all different types of businesses in a range of industries, there are two major options all companies consider when it comes time to expand their ERP capabilities: bolt-on solutions and integrated solutions. Today, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of both styles […]

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Solving Your Payroll Problems with Greenshades

      Greenshades is a Crestwood customer favorite add-on for Dynamics GP. Their software solves your payroll problems. From employee services to payroll taxes, let them take care of the complexities so you can focus on your business. Join us for a free webinar and get a no-strings attached look at what they offer. […]

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