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Pourquoi devrais-je utiliser un module de comptabilité par projet avec Microsoft Dynamics GP?

On croit souvent que seules les firmes de services professionnels qui facturent leurs clients en calculant les heures et les présences ont besoin d’un module de comptabilité par projet dans Microsoft Dynamics GP. Ce que l’on ne réalise pas c’est que l’utilité d’un tel module va bien au-delà de la gestion de projets. En fait, […]

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Why Should I Use a Project Accounting Module With Microsoft Dynamics GP?

A common misconception is that only professional service firms who bill customers through calculating time and attendance require the use of a project accounting module in Microsoft Dynamics GP. What some firms don’t realize is that the use of this module goes beyond managing projects. It is a good accounting practice even for those who […]

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Activity Tracking Within GP: Cracking the Audit Trail

While working within Microsoft Dynamics GP, have you ever wondered who updated a vendor card with a new address? Have you wished for the ability to track posting or user login/logouts within the system as well? We've got some great news for you. These features are built-in. All you have to do is turn them on, and […]

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Activity Tracking in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Sometimes changes are made. Sometimes those changes are made on purpose, sometime they are not. Regardless, changes can cause problems, so we often need to know WHO made the change. With Microsoft Dynamics GP we have the ability to enable “Activity Tracking.” Activity Tracking is a feature that, when enabled, allows us to track a […]

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