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6 Benefits of an Accounts Payable Solution Customized to Your Dynamics ERP

If your company has Microsoft Dynamics 365, then there are many alternatives to manage vendor invoices. As D365 is a cloud-based solution, we request that you also look for the same with your Accounts Payable (AP) Automation solution. Below we will explain why this is the best option. We will plunge into the benefits of […]

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The Benefits Of Electronic Payments

Electronic payments continue to dominate our personal lives. Yet, finance professionals are still relying on manual paper processes in the workplace. To illustrate the different methods of electronic payments available to your business, how they work, and the cost, risk, and speed associated with each method, we created the above infographic, Why Use Electronic Payments? More than half […]

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How to Prevent Fraud and Embezzlement with Dynamics GP and Mekorma MICR

Another headline hit the local news last week regarding a well-known company controller allegedly embezzled a lot of money over the last 8 years.   This is shocking to me since there are so many controls that should be in place to prevent employees from stealing.  I have a work history in retail and now in […]

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