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6 Benefits of an Accounts Payable Solution Customized to Your Dynamics ERP

If your company has Microsoft Dynamics 365, then there are many alternatives to manage vendor invoices. As D365 is a cloud-based solution, we request that you also look for the same with your Accounts Payable (AP) Automation solution. Below we will explain why this is the best option. We will plunge into the benefits of […]

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CPE Credit: Defining the ROI & Communicating The Business Case for Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts payable has been undergoing a paradigm shift from a back-office afterthought to a core, strategic business function. Join us on March 23 at 1pm ET to learn how to illustrate the ROI in automating your accounts payable (AP) process. We will cover 10 steps to developing and communicating a winning business case for accounts […]

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How AP Invoice Automation Drives Cost Savings for Dynamics GP Customers

Calculating accrued payables for a Dynamics GP month-end close is taking your AP team hours – from waiting for approvals to searching for lost invoices. Have you booked all of your expenses?  Maybe it’s time to tackle that accounts payable improvement plan that you have postponed until now.  In fact, you just met with your AP manager […]

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Bringing Automation to Accounts Payable (AP)

As organizations begin to realize the impact automation has across the business, the accounts payable department is no longer being overlooked. In this webinar, How to Bring Automation to AP, MineralTree’s Sr. Director of Sales, Michael Goldenberg and Product Manager, Andrew Waters, will provide you with the information you need to bring your accounts payable process […]

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The Benefits Of Electronic Payments

Electronic payments continue to dominate our personal lives. Yet, finance professionals are still relying on manual paper processes in the workplace. To illustrate the different methods of electronic payments available to your business, how they work, and the cost, risk, and speed associated with each method, we created the above infographic, Why Use Electronic Payments? More than half […]

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Proving the ROI in Accounts Payable Automation

“How exactly will automation impact my existing procedures?”  "Is it truly worth automating?" "What is the value of AP automation?" "What is the ROI?" All questions the MineralTree team often hears, and ones you are likely asking yourself if you are looking for an Accounts Payable automation solution. AP teams continue to manually input invoices, […]

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Document Management Solutions vs. Modern Accounts Payable Automation for Dynamics GP

As CFO, you stand at a crossroads. Having recently acquired a new company, you know that you need to change your accounts payable process to drive greater efficiency and visibility to your spending. But what is the best way to accomplish this goal? On one side, there’s the well-traveled road toward Document Management solutions that […]

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What Makes an Accounts Payable Software Feature Delightful?

This Mother’s Day, are you planning on giving your mom the same run-of-the-mill gift—the standard sentimental card, bouquet of flowers, etc.—or will you shake things up with something unexpected? Maybe this means sending your mom off for a massage or cooking a delectable brunch with her favorite dessert. While these unexpected gifts will delight your […]

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