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Video: How to Use the Nucleus Research Value Matrix for ERP Vendor Comparison

With so many options to choose from, cloud, on-premise, industry-specific finding the right ERP for your business can be confusing. Many times, potential clients tell us the more ERP’s they look at, the more they all start to look the same. And when that happens it becomes almost impossible to find the right software for […]

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[Video] Are You Ignoring These Hidden ERP Costs?

Just like any long-term relationship, when you’ve had your accounting or ERP software for a while it’s natural to fall into a pattern that feels comfortable. You get to a point where you no longer question the status quo. This is understandable. No one likes to think about upgrading their accounting or ERP software. Especially […]

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10 not so obvious questions to ask your ERP vendor

When finding the right ERP solution for your business, there’s a lot to consider. It's a weighty decision that will affect your business deeply for years. So, it’s important that you take your time and collect as much information as possible up front. The best way to do this is by knowing the key questions to […]

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Dynamics GP Pricing Demystified

Let’s face it, after you decided you’re ready to look at new business management solutions and put together a punch list of the features you’ll need, one of the first questions that probably came to mind is, “how much is this going to cost me?” Like all other ERP systems, Dynamics GP pricing depends on […]

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28 Popular White Papers for ERP Software Research from the ERP Software Blog

Reading seems to be going out of style - so why white papers? The ERP software selection process is not easy; there are many and varied factors to be considered before making such an important decision for your company. Hours of time can be spent tracking down the relevant experts; or, you can download and […]

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Six Ways to Prepare for a Call With an ERP/Accounting Software Provider

There are a lot of steps in the process when you’re searching for ERP software to help streamline your business. What should you do before making that first call to a salesperson? Some things are fairly obvious and some are not. Here are six ways to prepare so you can get the most information out […]

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Top Posts from Accounting Library Blog Advising Accounting Software Buyers

Here are a few interesting articles from the Accounting Library Blog. This web site features a free accounting software selection tool (backed by 20 years of experience and 5000+ clients) and now features expert advice in the form of blog posts. Effective AR Management Strategies in a Tight Economy This post gives 3 tips to improve […]

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