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How Many Ways Can Your Accounting/ERP Software Hinder Your Business?

I spend almost all of my time speaking and meeting with companies that are “in a fix.” Why? There are a few reasons, but it usually boils down to just two. Either their accounting/ERP software is woefully out of date or the software they’ve installed doesn’t actually meet their needs. And my point is, they’re […]

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Implementing a New ERP or Accounting Software System? How to Avoid “Scope Creep,” Stay On Time, Stay on Budget

What is “scope creep?”  It’s the term we in the industry use in reference to projects that exceed their original parameters. How does this happen?  Whether you’re implementing a very basic product like Peachtree, a midmarket solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP, or enterprise software like Oracle, “scope creep” can become a costly problem. It’s true […]

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Is it Time for an Annual Analysis and Evalution of Your Business Technology?

This is the time of year when we look back on our accomplishments or lack thereof for the year and we begin to look ahead. Take some time to spell out the three most important goals for your business in 2012. Take a step back and set up  an annual analysis and evaluation of the […]

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Year-End Tax Savings & Bonus Depreciation

Reducing taxable income can always improve your bottom line, especially as the year is winding down. Did you know the Bonus Depreciation (Section 79) benefit provided by the U.S. Federal Government is set to expire at the end of December 2011?  If you are considering an IT purchase, this provision allows you to acquire computer […]

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