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Four Reasons to Upgrade Your Dynamics ERP Solution

Why Upgrade Your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution? In the Enterprise Planning (ERP) world, we often explain that implementing your solution is like building a house - start with a strong foundation, add options, etc. If that were the case, ERP upgrades might correspond to adding higher efficiency windows or appliances, installing infrastructure for “smart home” […]

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Integration with LOB Applications Fuels Productivity

Line-of-business (LOB) applications are the software programs that you use to serve the unique needs of your industry. From engineering to health records management to membership services, LOB apps are the specialized applications that support your organization and keep you competitive in your industry. Loss of efficiency While LOB applications provide excellent functionality, fulfilling the […]

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Seven Ways to Make the Accounting Department More Efficient

Efficiency is the name of the game these days. It’s no secret that “doing more with less” is the mantra of almost every business in the US today. In that quest for efficiency, a close examination of the  accounting department might be one area that’s been overlooked in the past.  In this excellent article from […]

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Business Benefits of Moving to Microsoft Dynamics SL

If you have not upgraded your accounting software in over 5 years, now is a good time evaluate your current situation. In addition to the benefits your accounting staff will realize, there are several business benefits for doing so. Among them: Avoid the Danger of Extended Downtime. Simply put, older software requires older hardware and […]

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