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Microsoft Dynamics GP Tip: How to Resolve the Active Directory GUID of a GP Web Client Enabled User Account

by The Resource Group - Many of you may have already heard about all of the cool new features of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2. One feature that I really like is the ability to log in to Microsoft Dynamics GP with only your Windows password. The one caveat is that you can only do this through the Microsoft Dynamics […]
Integrating Your ERP System With IoT – A Primer

by Captivix - The IoT (Internet of Things) has suddenly risen to prominence in the past couple of years with a lot of focus on getting business value from the data that is being generated by devices. Gartner states that the “Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with […]

by Columbus Global - Companies are looking for ways to leverage their ERP investment, find efficiencies, strengthen internal controls and MS Dynamics GP workflow does the job!  With the release of GP 2013, we got the first workflow functionality within GP windows and there were four workflows that were available. In later releases of GP, Microsoft continued to roll […]
Dashboards for Microsoft Dynamics AX Customers

by Solver Global - Dashboards are everywhere – and for good reason.  In this article, we’ll discuss the #1 tool in the Business Intelligence realm for Microsoft Dynamics AX customers.     If you’ve read my blog articles, you know I’ve written about dashboards before – and this probably won’t be the last time.  There was a recent study on […]
31 Questions You Might Be Asked Before You Get an ERP Software Quote

by CAL Business Solutions, Inc - Today, everyone wants information quickly. Just tell me how much it will cost! While we can give you a budgetary quote for the cost of a Microsoft Dynamics GP or Acumatica system, in order to give you a really accurate proposal we need to ask some questions. When you speak with us, or any ERP […]