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The Importance of Running File Maintenance in Microsoft Dynamics GP

by Tidestone Solutions - Your Business Process Catalyst - I like to compare running Check Links to changing the oil in your car. It is a bit of insurance that things will run smoothly in the future. Your car may be operating just fine, but an oil change is necessary. Without one you know there will be trouble down the road. The same could […]
3 Biggest Failure Cases of ERP Implementation and How You Can Avoid the Same Mistakes

by Andrew King, WebSan Solutions, Inc. - View our free webinars  Sign up for WebSan University Take our FREE ERP Assessment ERP implementation is a quite an expensive and difficult process not only for small companies but for some multinational giants as well. However, with full preparation and thorough research to manage expectations, a successful ERP implementation can be achieved. Below, we outline […]
Dynamics 365 Business Central – Cloud or On-Premise. What should you choose?

by MetaOption LLC - In the event that you've arrived on Dynamics 365 Business Central as the best choice for your business organizations, you've made some amazing progress as of now, yet regardless you have a significant choice left to make; how to deploy it. While executing an ERP system, the first and perhaps generally significant, decision to make […]
Creating Microsoft Excel Connections to SQL databases

by KTL Solutions - Microsoft Excel can be a powerful tool to evaluate SQL data.  In Excel, a connection can be created to directly link to a particular database filtered according to your requirements.   This connection must be validated by a SQL login to ensure the contents of your databases remain secure. The connection can be refreshed to update […]
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013: Reconcile Bank Reconciliation to the General Ledger

by BDO Solutions - Have you ever been frustrated trying to reconcile your bank statement? You simply can’t find out why your bank reconciliation is not reconciling to the General Ledger? Well I have fantastic news for you; in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 you can reconcile the GL to each chequebook that is set up in the system.   […]
1099-MISC and -NEC Changes: Immediate Action Steps for GP Users

by Crestwood Associates - While we’ve been remote, the IRS decided to make changes to the way non-employee compensation is filed, depending on the nature of the income. They’ve moved the non-employee compensation from Box 7 on the 1099-MISC to its own form: the 1099-NEC. This would include all independent contractors, or self-employed individuals who previously had their payments […]
OLAP Cube vs. Data Warehouse

by Solver Global - Data continues to trend upward as a topic in the world of business as the quantity of data that a company maintains, evaluates, and organizes continues to expand.  Holding onto and utilizing pertinent information is vital for analyzing company strengths and weaknesses, while preparing for successful maturation in the future.  That said, without having IT […]
Warehouse Management Trends for 2021- WMS

by MetaOption LLC -   Is your warehouse ready for new year new challenges? As the world shifts to more and more online shopping, warehouses are seeing a spike in traffic and the ability to run with the trends and automate their manual process. The future is always uncertain, but perhaps now more than ever. A global pandemic (COVID-19) […]
What is ERP Consulting?

by Technology Management Concepts - What is ERP Consulting? Let’s start at the beginning.  Most people coming across this blog already have a Microsoft Dynamics system in place, but a lot of companies are doing research out there to find what the right ERP software is for their business. They are going to come across the ERP software blog because […]
Top 5 Key Performance Indicators for Distributors

by OmniVue - Every industry has specific KPIs, or key performance indicators, that should be constantly monitored to make sure the business is tracking to plan. For distributors, and any company that operates using a distribution business model, we’ve outlined five KPIs that should be on your radar.  The most accurate way to track these KPIs is by […]