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The ISV Society
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The ISV Society

The ISV Society is an online community just for ISVs. I focus on helping you generate leads in an affordable way.

This is a place where ISVs collaborate and I help create joint webinars and other marketing initiatives.

This is something that I started this year, but my background has been working with ISVs since 1999. Be a member of The ISV Society and get:

  • 4 joint webinars a year and all the content to promote them
  • 4 joint blogs to promote the webinar recordings
  • 4 other marketing initiatives (joint or not) and can include videos, emails, blogs, and more.
  • Monthly Mastermind Meetings
  • Access to an online collaboration tool

I wanted to put something together to help ISVs work together and generate leads which is of high priority for us all.

Check out my blog for all the marketing tips and tricks. Feel free to contact me to learn more.


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